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We are the best rated Car Leasing Company in Brooklyn, New York with exceptional 5 Star reviews across 69 directories including Google, Yelp, Facebook. At eAutoLease you can choose from a large selection and get the most competitive car lease deals available. takes pride in its no-pressure sales, unparalleled quality, and customer satisfaction. The incredible convenience of shopping for your auto lease is a sure-fire way to cut the stress of car shopping.

What goes into leasing a car?
Before you lease a car, there are some terms you need to understand. Leasing terms include:

MSRP: This is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. It’s the total cost of the car if you were to buy it outright brand new.
Sale price: This is the price you pay for leasing the car. The lower your sale price, the lower your monthly payments will be.
Money Factor: This is the interest amount you pay on your lease. It depends on your credit score but can be negotiated.
Residual Value: This is the cost of the car after your lease ends. You can buy your car at the end of your lease for this price. If you choose not to, the dealership buys it back at this price.
The key takeaway from these terms is that they are all negotiable. The MSRP is the price set by the manufacturer, but we do negotiate your lease terms for you.

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