Need Help?

Need Help?

Tips on making a great video ad...

1. Game Plan

Take a few minutes to think about how you want people to see your video. 
It doesnt hurt to make a practice video.  Dont worry, we're not making 
the next blockbuster movie, we just want your item to be seen properly
and to clearly hear your description.

2. Lighting

 Always make sure you have enough light so that your item can be seen. 
If possible, make sure the light is in front of your item, not behind, 
avoid backighting.

3. Point of view

Make sure to concentrate on the item your're trying to show. If possible, 
try to show your item at diffent angles.  Use the  pause button (if available) 
to pause your video while  repositioning your item. Once in the new position, 
continue your recording.

4. Orientation

Be sure to orient your phone horizontally. While Instagram and Snapchat seem 
to be “aiding and abetting” users to create more portrait- or vertically-oriented 
footage, it’s best to avoid it on Vidifye.

5. Use both hands

Using two hands produces even steadier footage.  It also avoids the Jell-O effect.

6. Length

Videos around the 1 minute mark "give or take" in length,  seem to work best 
to keep buyers interested.

Good luck with your sale.Thank you for using Vidifye!!!